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Professional Speakers Course
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About The African Centre for Public speaking.

The African Centre for Public speaking is a registered Training centre. Over the last two and half years, the centre has trained over one thousand professionals through its extensive programs of main courses, professional speaker’s course, personal coaching, corporate packages and workshops.

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Our Speaker's Courses

Our Main Courses

Professional Speakers Course

its an intense practical class based course where the learner acquire public speaking skills.

Executive Speakers Course

An intense program targeting executives and professionals on a one-on-one coaching.

Regular Personal Coaching

Its a short contextual public speaking program designed to impact practical speaking skills.

Our Leadership Courses

Our Leadership Courses

Super Leaders Series

The program offers practical lessons on leaders, from basics to effective leadership, Character, Priority and decision making, time management and change management.

John Maxwell Team Courses

This advanced certification programs contain 45+ years of influence and leadership know-how, from the heart of John Maxwell. Our instructor is certified by the john maxwell team coach.

Mentality Change

Mentality change 101 course based on Dan Mugera’s book Eradicating a poverty mentality, is not your ordinary personal development course. It’s a thought provoking, self introspection course
Why Choose Us

Why Public Speaking

The success of your leadership and your relationship with others depends to a great extent on your ability to communicate. Many of the great thinkers are not leaders, why? They cannot communicate. Today, no matter your professional background, in one way or another you will be required from time to time to speak before a public. Therefore equipping yourself with proper public speaking skills will enable you to be more effective and influential. The world over, men and women who were able to organize thoughts and speak from their hearts rose to be unique and great in fields of their endeavor.
The power of the spoken word has enabled men and women to persuade with strength, describe with charisma, narrate with passion and argue with facts. In the Religious world, public speaking skills have created outstanding ministers. In the business world, it has built maverick managers and Chief executive officers. In the academic world, it has given birth to great teachers and administrators. In the scientific world, innovative and ideological individuals have been discovered; and in the political world, it has shaped influential leaders. Therefore public speaking training is essential and cannot be taken for granted.