About Us

The African Centre for Public speaking is a registered Training centre. Over the last two and half years, the centre has trained over one thousand professionals through its extensive programs of main courses, professional speaker’s course, personal coaching, corporate packages and workshops. The centre has also equipped over seventy thousand students and professionals in schools, corporate entities,
religious / Non-governmental organizations through motivational, leadership and career talks both in Kenya and other countries. As the name goes, the Centre specializes in public speaking training, Leadership development and mentality change.


To become the leading centre in the transformation of African leadership in matters public speaking.


Transforming Africa through effective public speaking, leadership development and mentality change.


– Client satisfaction and growth.
– Intentional and consistent improvement of our services.
– Continuous relationship and follow up of our client.


Training in public speaking is not primarily a matter of externals, it is not fundamentally a matter of imitation, and it is not at all, a matter of conformity to standards. Public speaking is public utterance, public issuance of the person himself or herself; therefore the first thing both in time and in importance is that the man or woman should be and think and feel things that are worthy of being given forth.
With well equipped instructors who are speakers of international caliber, East African centre for public speaking brings to the trainees, valuable and excellent training which is also contextualized. The core of the public speaking training
centre is self development; this we believe will enable the trainees to communicate from the heart hence influencing their audience with charisma and conviction.
In an age where speakers depend entirely on written speeches and other technologies to convey their message, our centre breaks away from the norm to facilitate unique training by developing speakers who will be able to structure their thoughts and ideas inwardly and speak passion


1. To facilitate both theoretical and practical training in public speaking and leadership.
2. To equip and facilitate mentality change in individuals for development.
3. Co-operate with institutions and organizations to advance the course of Public speaking and leadership development.

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