A good voice does not just exist; you have to work it out. A good voice is a mark of personal culture developed over a period of time.

The question is, how do you normally talk to people? Are you a keen student of human nature and life?.

A good voice is an effective possession for the professional speaker and it could also be a great commercial asset. However, one needs to be aware so as to develop the culture of using their voice well.

You can’t be a person who always uses his/her voice to manipulate, quarrel and repulse people and expect to all over a sudden gain that magic voice to draw people to your side when you go on stage.

To create a great personal culture, you will need to be friendly, learn how to be empathic and non judgmental to people. Everyday, life offers us an opportunity to rehearse how to use our voice before we go on stage to deliver a message.

If you want to have a voice that people will listen to, change your personal culture. Begin by taking time to great people with enthusiasm, love people genuinely and be interested in their affairs.

When people detect your genuineness, they will listen. It’s the power of personal culture!.

Dan Mugera
Leadership Coach/Speaker