Throughout the ages, #communication has been at the heart of every human activity.

During the height of Greek civilization, rhetoricians were held in high regard and #elocution was considered as an integral discipline in the training of young minds aspiring for service and leadership. However, oratory was not the preserve of Western civilization. In many African communities, great speakers were respected and cherished.

In an era where written #speeches and teleprompters have enslaved many public speakers or do I say ‘public readers,’ I commend those who seek to be effective public speakers to treat public speaking seriously.

Good public #speakers must be good readers, because as it is said “The reason why there are so few good speakers in public is that there are so few good thinkers in private.”

Dale Carnegie stated “Notes, like crunches are only a sign of weakness,” therefore to liberate ourselves from this we need to embrace the #natural method of speaking which our ancient African orators embraced, and that is public speaking from the heart which is the art of authentic influence.

Dan Mugera.
Leadership Coach/Speaker.