Pain is terrible and no one enjoys it. Sometimes we do everything possible to avoid pain at all cost but in life, pain is inevitable.
We have a choice when it comes to pain. We can choose to avoid it, block it, ignore it, endure it, remain positive or we can also choose to learn from it and make proactive changes as a result of it.
This year 2023, what about dealing with pain differently by making sure anytime you are in pain:
You can examine the problem that has led you there, check how you can process the lesson if they is any, then identify what you need to change and act accordingly.
You will never solve your pain by criticisms, complains or even becoming bitter. But, you can choose a plan of action which will lead you to triumph. What could have been meant to discourage, dismay and destroy you can be solved if you decide, dedicate and deliberate how you are going to overcome it.
You can gain through pain!
Dan Mugera.
Leadership Coach/Speaker.