Thinking Is Hard

Most people #assume they can grow without an #example. But the question I want to ask you today is, how do you keep growing, developing, getting better when you have no one you are following?.

The famous quote by Apostle Paul “Be ye followers of me, even as I am also of Christ” speaks volume todate when we talk about the subject of leadership and growth. You can never experience more growth when you follow yourself. To grow you need other people to provoke you and ignite you to keep becoming better.

Whether you are in #business or #employment, you will need a good mentor, role model or coach to help you through the process.

One of the greatest tragedy of our time is the confusion between talent and wisdom. You could be talented but you need a mentor or coach to supply you with continuous dose of wisdom. Wisdom will sustain talent, and that wisdom usually comes from mentors and coaches.

Get yourself a mentor or coach this year and see yourself transforming!

Dan Mugera.
Leadership Coach/Speaker.